Air Conditioning Repair in Savannah, GA

Air Conditioning Repair in Savannah, GA

If your air conditioning system doesn't power on or it doesn't sound like it's running properly, you may need to have professional air conditioning system repair services on your AC unit before it becomes seriously damaged. Getting repairs for your air conditioner is more affordable than having it replaced!

What causes my AC to break?

If you happen to know why your air conditioning system is having issues, it will be much easier to repair. Below is a list of the most common AC system glitches that could be affecting your system.

Leaks in the Refrigerant – Usually caused by leaks or undercharging during the installation process.

Poor Maintenance – It's important to have your systems, appliances, and units, checked regularly. Irregular check-ups often lead to dirt and dust build up; which can also clog the unit’s fans and reduce your unit's functionality. Cleaning it every once in a while will help remedy the situation.

Electric Control Failure – Powering your system on and off, can wear out fan controls and the compressor and cause the wires and terminals within your AC to corrode. You should contact professional air conditioning services, to repair the issue.

Sensor Problems – There is a sensor located behind the AC unit’s control panel. This system measures the temperature of air coming into the evaporative coil, and if the system is damaged or removed from your AC, the machine could constantly cycle or behave erratically.

Drainage Problems – These problems usually occur when it's humid outside. Always check the condensate drain to ensure it's not clogged.

Contact Aeroseal of the Lowcountry for All Air Conditioning Unit Repairs

Cleaning your unit may seem easy, depending on the model, but repairing it can be a difficult process. Yes, it is true that you can fix your units through do-it-yourself methods, especially if the problem is simple to fix, but if you want a safe, well-executed, and professionally done repairs, dial: 843-547-2191 and we, at Aeroseal of the Lowcountry, will do just that.

Ever since the early 1900’s our Aeroseal of the Lowcountry has been servicing the surrounding areas of Hilton Head Island. We know how to turn your home into a four-walled structure to, a four-walled structure that can work for you! With our simple and easy to install systems, you will be able to lower your carbon footprint, consume less energy, and make your home’s environment even more livable. You may also visit our contact page or call 843-547-2191.